Why do we need SmartTagLab?

SmartTagLab a .NET library offers developers Smart Tag capabilities to your applications. It contents controls to hosting MS Office SmartTag Dll's in .Net application. Smart tags perform actions tasks that can be performed by using smart tags) in application that you'd normally open other programs to do. With Smart Tag SDK you can simply create your custom Smart Tag too. So, Smart Tag may be a good candidate to support the integration in UI.


Smart Tag Control uses Smart Tag interfaces for access to Microsoft Office SmartTag Dll's:


Build prerequisites

1. 32-bit hardware platform

2. installed Visual Studio 2005 .NET 2.0 (3.0/3.5)

3. installed MS Office (Office 2007 / 2003) For MS Office 2003 please install Microsoft Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) (

License provider

Smart Tag Control is licensed using standard Microsoft LicenseProvider. It means, that this object try to load necessary license from your application. Using   LicenseProvider utility from SmartTagLab install directory, you can create license (file AS.Dsc.Lic) for your application and update your project settings. You can use this script in Pre build event:


if not exist "$(ProjectDir)AS.Dsc.lic" "..\Utilities\LicenseProvider.exe" "$(ProjectPath)"


After this you have to rebuild your project and created licenses will be saved in your application. Trial version of the SmartTagLab supports the trial (30 days) licenses.


The current version of the SmartTagLab was tested with

1. NAC Smart Tag DLL (

2. Measurement Converter Smart Tag (MS Office

3. Euro Currency Converter Smart Tag (MS Office

4. Metric Conversion (


1. Add RichTextBoxST or SmartTagCtrl to you project. RichTextBoxST can be added to Visual Studio Designer ToolBox too

2. Copy "TargetWord11.dll" and "TargetWord12.dll" to your run directory. These assemblies would be loaded over Reflections

3. Create license (see License provider)


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